This is your new smart credit card

Olly is a switch on|off credit card app that prevents fraud and gives you full control over your transactions.

When in doubt switch your card off

Temporarily lock your credit card with the Olly App, prevent fraud and have full control over your transactions.

Manage your subscriptions

Tired of getting charged every month for those subscriptions you no longer need? You can review and cancel your subscriptions with ease.

Protect your data with virtual cards

Feel insecure every time you share your card details online? With Olly you can create a virtual card for one time use & not to share your card details.

Keep your spendings in check

Olly will not only inform you about the activity with your card as well as allow you to reject transactions in the real time.

Be part of our pilot

So you do want a better payment card experience? We are bringing Olly to you soon! Follow us on Twitter and be among the first users to be informed about the start.